Monday, September 27, 2010

Hi! Back from the Shore!

Sunset Walk
Hi everyone! Thank you all for the lovely send off and the great wishes. I'm back from my brief time away... I had a lovely time and except for a couple of cloudy and breezy days, the weather was fantastic! Hot and sunny days and cool evenings. Lovely.

I didn't do much more than vegetate and take walks in the mornings, during sunset and one evening during the full moon. That night the beach was so bright, a flashlight was not needed. The sight was so beautiful I wish I'd been able to capture it to share with you.

I came back just in time, it's raining today and it seems as if Fall was just waiting for my last day to arrive to make itself felt -- great break for me. :)

I did take a few pictures and as you can see, Long Beach Island, New Jersey is a beauty of nature and my favorite place when visiting the Shore. It's beautiful and quaint.

Seagulls at the Jetty

Seagrass and Roses

The Lighthouse

Dunes and Seagrass

Dunes at Sunset

As far as reading goes, did I read while I was there? Well... not really... can you believe it? I really DID take a break from it all! I finished Once A Father by Kathleen Eagle, and quickly skimmed Shamara by Catherine Spangler (re-read), a 2001 sci-fi romance from a favorite series -- I'll tell you all about those books later -- I wasn't in the mood for reading. Instead, I enjoyed nature, great conversation, walks and music. I went on this little jaunt with two of my brothers and had a wonderful time with them. But now with the rainy days of Autumn ahead, I look forward to reading and getting back to the daily routine. It's good to be back.

As you can see I didn't read much last week, what about you?


  1. How pretty your pictures are! Your trip sounds wonderful. Welcome back!

  2. Hils it sounds like you got a little bit of heaven on that beach. So relaxing and I'll bet rejuvenating.

    And if you didn't get much reading, you got some great time in with family and with yourself. So that's good.

    I've been reading quite a lot lately. But now the books for review are piling up. :)

    Good to have you back!

  3. Your photos are gorgeous - you're a great photographer! And is that you in the first photo? If so, YAH!

    Read quite a bit of fantasy lately. Have Kushiel's Dart waiting for me at the library....*GULP*

  4. Thanks Phyl. I had a wonderful time. :)

    Leslie, it was! Heaven for a little while, I mean. I had a great time. I'm glad you've been reading. I'll catch up slowly... I certainly have the energy at the moment. :D

    Orannia, thanks... lol! I'm not really much of a photographer, but I think I got lucky. And yeah... that's me under the hat and glasses. *g* You're ready to begin on your BIG BOOK? I began mine and am stuck! Grr...

  5. Fabulous pictures! I'm so glad you had a good time and could just veg - sometimes that's just what the doctor ordered. :)

  6. Lovely pictures, Hils. I was thinking of you last week during that fantastic weather we were having here in NJ. I'm glad summer held out for your vacation... but I'm anxious for some fall weather now, how about you?

    I went on a little In Death kick while you were away, Hils and am now catching up on a handful of books that have been sitting on my nightstand that I vowed to finish this month. Only a few days left...LOL!

    So glad you enjoyed your week. xo

  7. Tracy definitely what the doctor ordered for me! LOL on the pictures... the camera on my phone did a good job, yes? ;P

    Christine, I was so lucky with the weather!! I'm definitely looking forward to Fall now. I'm ready too. :) My favorite time of the year.

    Oh and you've read more In-Death books? I kept it down to two, although I do have the next two ready to go. I'll make my Challenge this month. Yay!

  8. Great pics, Hils!! Sounds like you had an awesome week away from everything :) Good for you! :)


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