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TBR Overview: PsyCop Series by Jordan Castillo Price

For the TBR Challenge this month, I decided to read one book from Jordan Castillo Price's PsyCop series and ended up reading the whole enchilada. These books (the entire series) have been in my TBR for a few years and Jordan Castillo Price's work (or JCP as this author is commonly referred to by readers) has been recommended to me by multiple friends. However, for the purpose of this month's theme I must say that Mariana is the one fellow-reader who has most often recommended both the author AND this series to me. 

So instead of writing a review for one book, I decided to post an overview of the series, which includes books read: Among the Living #1, Criss Cross #2, Secrets #3, Body & Soul #4, Camp Hell #5, GhosTV #6 and various novellas that complete the series only by focusing on certain characters and giving them a bit of depth, but that do not really give away any important information pertaining to the overall storyarc.

The PsyCop series by Jordan Castillo Price is a combination urban fantasy and m/m erotic romance narrated from the main character's first point of view. It sounds pretty standard, doesn't it? But as always when considering urban fantasy world-building must be taken into consideration, and in this case I was quite taken with JCP's world-building, as well as with her wonderful characters.

In JCP's world the action, murder mysteries, and paranormal events that Psychs and Cops encounter take place on or around Chicago's gritty streets. Her world building is that great fusion of alternate contemporary and heavy on the paranormal, with suspense and crime solving always as the center of each book. The other very important aspect of the series, the one I am sure that pulls at most readers, are the characters and the complicated relationships that develop between them. These relationships include both central and secondary characters since they have a tendency to become key contributors to the storylines.

Victor Bayne is a medium and the Psych half of a PsyCop team with his partner being the non-psych or as they are commonly referred to, a Stiff. Vic has a fabulous narrative voice. I don't know of anyone who would not fall in love with the talented but always grumpy Vic with his drug-induced insecurities (or is it his insecurities that cause his tendency to abuse those "feel-so-good" drugs?), vulnerabilities, and snark. I do love that Vic is very much aware of his flaws. But I think that what I've enjoyed most about this series, besides the fact that I'm enjoying JCP's writing style, is that the relationship between Victor and his romantic partner Jacob grows incrementally as the series progresses. By that I mean that although the two of them maintain a sexual relationship, the real trust and balance that makes a true partnership takes time to develop. The same can be said for Vic's relationship with his growing list of friends or secondary characters.

There is also character growth for Victor and Jacob individually, neither remains static as JCP uses the overall storyarc about the Psychs, which she packs with action and exciting revelations, to accomplish this growth. My favorite books of the series are Criss Cross #2 and Secrets,#3, probably because intimate revelations are thick in both books. Camp Hell, a favorite for many readers, was also a great read for me, but left a few holes and important questions unanswered, giving the book an unfinished feel, and GhosTV had a fantastic paranormal atmosphere, but unfortunately the book ended with one of those personal cliffhanger revelations. That was a disappointment, particularly since there has not been a follow up to this book. Hopefully there will be an end to the series.

Theme: Recommended Read
February 2013
Overall this is an addictive series for good reason. Jordan Castillo Price can weave an action-packed story, create a character, and maintain suspense and sexual tension. She can also write some over-the-top steamy scenes! Pheww... those scenes are the reason I decided to label this series UF/Gay Erotic Romance. Do I recommend this series? Absolutely!

Category: UF/Gay Erotic Romance
Series: PsyCop (#1-#6)
Overall Grade: B+


  1. It's always fun to start a series and then keep reading the installments all the way through, isn't it? I love it when that happens!

    1. Lynn, it has been a long time since I've indulged myself by gobbling up a whole series in one sitting like this. I love it when the books are good enough to make it possible. :D

  2. Interesting choice, Hilcia!
    You know I think I have the first two in my TBR list too, and for a loooong time....ha..another one to add to the "one day" goals lol

    1. Sonia, I thought I was the only one who had not read this series by now. But now I'll to the chorus of those recommend it. Read the first book, Among the Living, it's a definite "hook." :D

  3. Hmmm, sounds really good Hils!! I haven't been in the mood to read m/m, but with the urban fantasy setting, that might work for me! :) Is there an end in sight or planned, do you think?

    1. Nath, you should try the first book to see if you like it. It hooked me. *g* And yes, I checked it out and there's a follow-up book planned for release soon.

  4. Yay, you liked it. That makes me happy :) JCP is one of my favorite authors and this series is really top 5 for me.

    Totally agreed with your review. And that cliffhanger... ugh! I stalk her page to see if the next is on the way, no luck so far.

    1. Mariana, thank you for recommending this series to me! I've already read ALL the novellas attached to the series too. So, you know I enjoyed it. Hopefully the follow up to GhosTV will release this year? Hmm..

      AND, I read Hermovore too. Great standalone read. I am really liking JCP's style. So you know I'll be reading another of one of her series soon. :D


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