Monday, November 19, 2012

Book Highlight: Weird Fungi for Thanksgiving

Do you like 'shrooms? Thinking of including them along with your Thanksgiving turkey dinner this year? Well, this next book might make you think about them 'shrooms once or twice. . .

You might think I'm a strange woman, and here's old news, I am! But, come on... loving speculative fiction the way I do, how can I not get excited when I receive a brand new anthology full of weird and strange stories about (of all things strange and weird) fungi? ;P

FUNGI edited by Orrin Grey and Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Ed. by Orrin Grey and Silvia Moreno-Garcia
A collection of fungal wonders...and terrors.

In this new anthology, writers reach into the rich territory first explored by William Hope Hodgson a century ago: the land of the fungi. Stories range from noir to dark fantasy, from steampunk to body horror. Join authors such as Jeff VanderMeer, Laird Barron, Nick Mamatas, W.H. Pugmire, Lavie Tidhar, Ann K. Schwader, Jesse Bullington, Molly Tanzer and Simon Strantzas through a dizzying journey of fungal tales. Feast upon Fungi.

Please note: the e-book and paperback contain 23 stories. The special edition hardcover contains three stories and illustrations not found in the other editions.

Isn't that an eye catching cover? It's by Oliver Wetter. I have a copy of this book with illustrations by Bernie Gonzalez included and will let you know how they turn out. . . but, of course I'm really interested in the stories themselves. I've been enjoying weird Lovecraftian and other New Weird tales lately, and have a feeling these stories are going to hit the right spot.

Both editors are new-to-me as is the publisher. I checked out the publishers and Innsmouth Free Press is a "Canadian micro-publisher of dark fiction and horror." You can find out more about them here. The print book releases on December 1, 2012, but the ebook is available now.

So, guess what I'll be reading during my Thanksgiving break? Weird? Well... hopefully!


  1. LOL, very interesting, Hils... Let me know how this one turns out!

    1. Nath, isn't? And I will definitely keep you posted. :D


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